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New Horizons Fitting Services

Professional Bicycle Sizing and Fitting

Why Should You Have Your Bicycle Custom Fitted? 

 Custom Fit is our standard of service at New Horizons. Whether you're purchasing a basic recreational bike or a full custom high performance bicycle, we  provide state of the art fitting as part of our standard service.

Have you experienced knee pain, knots in your shoulders, sore ankles, hip pain or other discomforts that limit your riding time or distance?  These are signs that your bicycle is a poor fit.

Fitting a bicycle is a lot like fitting a suit or a pair of shoes; what works for one body doesn't for the next. Compounding this problem are bicycle dealers and manufacturers that try to cram all riders into a minimal range of sizes and fail to check the rider's position before the bike leaves the shop.

At New Horizons we strive to fit our bicycles not only in size, but also to match the rider's style, flexibility and range of motion. Body Scanning and proper saddle positioning is included free of charge with every bike we sell. If you plan on shopping for brands we don't stock, your fit data is available for a nominal fee and credited back if you purchase your bike at New Horizons within 30 days of your fit.

Bicycles come with average length stems, handlebars and cranks for the average customer. Cyclists of all ability levels can benefit from a custom fit. Whether you ride a road bike. mountain bike, hybrid or tandem a custom fit will enhance your cycling experience.

Body Scanning

Body Scanning is a state of the art, laser measuring system and interview process that uses a variety of body measurements to determine an ideal  position on the bicycle. The data generated by Body Scanning will recommend a frame size, stem length and rise, and top tube length. Riding position will vary based on the type of rider, casual, enthusiast, or performance and the type of bicycle chosen. We provide Body Scanning at no charge as part of our Custom Fit service include with every bike purchase.



Serotta Size Cycle Fitting (for the ultimate fit)

This is ideal for the new frame buyer or person who wants to know their ideal exact size. Using body measurements and the Serotta Size Cycle, an infinitely adjustable stationary bike, we determine the frame geometry, letting us find the perfect bike for you to buy. The size cycle not only determines your ideal frame size, but also your ideal top tube length, crank length and stem length / rise combination. This data can also be used to fine tune a rider's positioning on an existing bike.



Body Fitting (to an existing bike)  

If you are experiencing back and shoulder discomfort or numbness in various areas, a Body Fitting can significantly improve your comfort level. We place your bike on an indoor trainer, set your proper saddle height and fore / aft position, and with an adjustable handlebar stem find the most comfortable and efficient position on your bike.

Shoe Cleat Positioning

The position of the cyclist's feet is the most critical point on the bike. It is important that your feet are held in a natural stance to eliminate knee, ankle or hip pain. We use the Fit Kit Rotational Adjustment Device (R.A.D.) to accurately position your cleats. This is the same cleat positioning system used at the U.S. Olympic Training Center for elite level cyclists. 

Saddle Height Adjustment  
Included at no charge with every bike we sell. Saddle height adjustments sets the proper saddle height as well as the saddle fore/aft adjustment. Bought your bike elsewhere? No problem, we'll be glad to set you up for a nominal fee. 
How Is Your Bicycle Custom Fitted?  
After determining what type of fit best suits your needs, you then make an appointment. On the day of your fit bring your bicycle or pedals, cycling shoes and the shorts you normally ride in.
We use the best tools available including the  Serotta Size Cycle, Body Scanning, Salsa Adjustable Stem, and of course an assortment of saddles and handlebars. 

Who Will Be Fitting Me? 

Don Podolski is an active cyclist with over 30 years of cycling experience in road racing, mountain bike racing, touring and tandem riding. He was a USCF Category 3 rider, a NORBA Expert and a NORBA New England Veteran Champion. He is an avid Randonneur Cyclist, cycling in events from 200 Km to 1200 Km in length, and a two time Boston-Montreal-Boston Ancien ('98 & '01) and a Regional Brevet Administrator for Randonneurs USA. Don is a Serotta Certified Bike Fit Specialist in both basic and advanced fit.

Mary MacAdam is an experienced cyclo tourist having completed her first century at age 10 and a year round bike commuter. Mary is a SICI (Serotta Internatial Cycling Institute) Certified Bike Fit Professional.

Don 's experience in a variety of cycling disciplines and his participation in multi-day events requiring 10 to 20 hours a day in the saddle, along with an experienced eye and state of the art measuring systems , enables him to give you the best fit possible. In addition to his cycling experience he has been trained and certified in use of the Fit Kit by its developer, Bill Farrel of the New England Cycling Academy, and certified both in basic and advanced fit on the Serotta Size Cycle.

What's it cost? 

Body Scanning 

$90.00 Free with any bike purchase 

Includes saddle height adjustment
(time required: 30 min.)                                             
Serotta Size Cycle Fitting
$180.00 Free with any bike purchase of $2,400+
$90.00 With any Bike $1,000+
(time required 60 - 90 min.)          

Shoe Cleat Positioning
(time required: 30 - 45 min.)
Body Fitting $90.00 
(to an existing bike)
(time required: 45 - 60 min.)
Size Cycle Fittings are by appointment only.
Remember to bring your bike or pedals, cycling shoes and shorts for your fit. Bicycle fits do not include cleat adjustment or labor for component changes. To schedule an appointment E-mail or phone: 413-562-5237