Berkshire Brevets 2019

The Berkshire Brevets are a series of randonneur cycling events in Western Massachusetts. If you enjoy century rides and challenging events, you will find randonnueur cycling a rewarding experience. The randonneur season is broken into a series of brevets of 200 km, 300 km, 400 km, and 600 km, a team 24 hr., and a final event of 1200 km. The goal of the randonneur cyclist is to complete all events within time limits. You can expect about 3,000 ft. of climbing for each 100 km. Each brevet is designed to challenge and prepare the long distance cyclists for the next ride in the series and act as a qualifier for  Paris - Brest – Paris (1200 km) and other Grand Randonee  events throughout the world. The purpose of the Berkshire Brevets is to introduce cyclists in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut to the sport of randonneur cycling.  The next Paris - Brest - Paris is in August 2019. Membership in the New Horizons Cycling Club is required  to participate in the Berkshire Brevets. New Horizons Cycling Club membership is FREE, we also encourage riders to join Randonneurs USA ( RUSA). The Berkshire Brevets are organized and hosted by  New Horizons Bikes.

Randonneur cycling is long distance (endurance) cycling with minimal or no support. A brevet is not a race, although the ride is timed and some riders will seek a personal best time, the primary goal is simply to finish. The style of riding is characterized by various rules and traditions that date to 1891 in France when the first Paris – Brest – Paris race was held. When one participates in brevet events, one is part of worldwide brotherhood and sisterhood of cyclists, with over 120 years of history and legend. 

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Brevet Support

Brevet riders are intended to be self-sufficient. Basic repair knowledge is necessary. 

Follow vehicles are not allowed.

Brevet checkpoints will vary in level of support. Some will be staffed with refreshments while others will be at convenience stores. Please make a purchase at stores acting as checkpoints as a thank you for use of their facilities. 

If you choose to drop out of an event part way through it is your responsibility to get back to the start location. There is no sweep of the route and in many events support staff are club volunteers living in that checkpoint area and unable to drive a rider back to the start. 

St. Pat's 100K

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
St. Pat's 100KSunday, March 17th100 km (62 miles) Westfield, MA   8:00 AM  RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Not Required6:40 $10.00


Our St. Pat's 100K is our traditional 1st long event of the brevet season.This is the flattest of our routes and you can expect anything from spring-like conditions to mid-winter conditions at this time of year. Our route heads north along the east side of the Connecticut River to South Deerfield and returns along the west side. . 

Spring 200K

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
Early SpringSunday, March 24th200 km (125 mi) Westfield, MA   7:00 AM  ACP/RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Optional13.5 hrs. $20.00


Our Early Spring 200K is a figure eight loop with the northern half of the ride from Westfield to Sunderland and back and the southern half from Westfield to Simsbury CT and back. The first half of the route is relatively flat while the second half is moderately hilly. Mid point Control is also the start/finish of the ride so its possible to change clothing our abandon if conditions are truly miserable. Weather is the challenge on this ride. We've had years where the start temp was 18 degrees and barely rose above freezing and other years a start in the 40's with upper 50's. Controls are a mix of convenience stores and staffed controls.

Old Saybrook 300K

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
Old Saybrook 300KSaturday, April 13th300 km (190 miles) Westfield, MA  6:00 AM  ACP/RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Required20 hrs. $25.00 

From Westfield to Old Saybrook, CT and back. This route is moderately hilly and lollipop shaped with a 100 mile loop connecting the outbound and inbound legs. Controls are a mix of convenience stores and staffed. Our friends from the Eliminator Cycling Team usually staff our mid point Control in Old Saybrook with a feast for all riders.

Shelburne Falls 200K 

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
Shelburne Falls 200KSaturday, April 27200 km (125 miles) Westfield, MA   7:00 AM ACP, RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Optional13 hrs. $20.00 

North along the western side of the Connecticut River Valley to southern Vermont and back. a moderately hilly route. Controls are Mocha Maya's Coffee House and convenience stores.

BashBish 300K

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
BashBish 300KSaturday, May 11300 km (190 miles) Westfield, MA  6:00 AM ACP, RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Required20 hrs. $25.00 

If I have to pick a favorite, this is it. A hilly route heading west into the Berkshires then south along the Housatonnic River to Kent Ct. Crosses into Eastern NY before returning.  Route is lollipop shaped. Climbs include Jacob's Ladder (8 miles) both outbound and inbound and Bash Bish Falls (4.5 miles long with 2 short sections of steep, 18% grades. Controls include convenience stores and staffed sites.


Saratoga 400K

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
Saratoga 400KSaturday, June 1st400 km (250 miles) Westfield, MA   1:00 AM ACP, RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Required27 hrs. $30.00 

400K's are tough events and this is no exception. An out and back route to Saratoga Springs NY crossing the Berkshires and Taconic Hills. This route is very hilly. Both staffed controls and convenience stores. No bag drop.

Catskill 600K

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
Catskill 600KSaturday, June 22/23600 km (380 miles) Westfield, MA   4:00 AM ACP, RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Required40 hrs. $75.00 
   Pre-Registration Required: 

On-line Pre-Reg at til June 19th, Noon


This ride has it all, complete it and your ready for anything, anywhere. A loop course through northwest Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. We cross the Litchfield Hills, the Catskills, the Taconics, the Green Mountains, and the Berkshires on this ride. Limited number of cots and dinner at mile 255.


Double deuce 2x200

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:

Double Deuce


Saturday June 22

Sunday June 23

200 km (125 mi)

Westfield MA  6/24 10:00 AM

Greenwich NY 6/25 6:00 AM

Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Optional13.5 hrs. each $65

Back to back 200K events with an overnight, evening meal and breakfast

Petersburg 300K

Brevet:Date:Distance:Location & Time:Sanction:
Petersburg 300KJuly 27th
300 km (190 miles) Westfield, MA   6:00 AMACP/RUSA
Lights:Time Limit: Cost: 
Required20 hrs. $25.00 

I enjoy Petersburg pass so much I just had to add this summer brevet which includes Searsburg pass in Vermont as well as Petersburg Pass on the NY / MA border. This route is very hilly. Controls are convenience stores.


Connecticut Valley 200K

Great River Ride



Location & Time:Sanction:
Great River RideSunday, October 13th200K, 170K, 100KWestfield, MA  6:00 AMRUSA
Lights:Time Limit:  
Optional11 hr.30 min / 170K 
  6 hr 20 min / 100K  

Now in its 32nd year, this populaire has been picked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the Top 10 Century Rides in the USA. Plenty of hills, great scenery, lots of support, and a super buffet with entertainment at the end. A great way to finish the season. Never been canceled due to weather and we've had years with snow, 12 inches of rain, and cold temps., as well as years of perfect Autumn riding.