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Garneau Brat Cycling Helmet
The latest innovations offered on Louis Garneau's adult helmets are now available on their children's model. The Brat is inspired from the high-end Raid mountain bike helmet. Its large back of the head covering is designed to better protect this formerly uncovered area in case of impact. This brand new design makes for 360-degree protection for young riders. The two-wheeled learning process can therefore be enjoyed safely. And they bet that they will have fun learning as, once again, beautiful drawings representing dynamic characters will make the little ones want to wear their helmet every time they get on their bike. - Construction: Bonded, 10 vents. - Extended rear cover. - Stabilizing system: Spiderlock Solo III - Straps: Steplock adjustment - Padding: Airdry, washable and sealed for enhanced durability - Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CEN - Weight: 9 oz/255 grams - One Size/Universal Children: 18 7/8 - 21 3/4 in, 48 - 55 cm
Garneau Jump Helmet Youth
Inspired straight from its older siblings, the Raid and Sally, the Jump helmet is the first helmet to get when your kid or adolescent starts mountain biking. It has all the great features of a high-end helmet, without the price tag associated with it. This starts with an extended coverage at the back of the helmet to keep your cycling prodigy safe from the risk associated with mountain biking. Combine that with the easy to adjust Spiderlock Solo III and when the day comes that your kid wants to try his first Jump, he will be perfectly ready to do so. Technical Details - Technology: Rotexx: patent-pending Rotary Damping System - Weight: 10oz / 285g - Features: Inner evacuation channels - Construction: In-Mold: Industrial process binding the micro-plastic and polystyrene together to add superior mechanical properties to these materials - Number of Vents: 14 vents - Stabilizing System: Spiderlock Solo IV: Easy one-handed adjustment - Straps: Steplock adjustment: Easy and secure straps adjustment. - Padding: Airdry padding - Certifications: CPSC-ASTM F1447-CEN Size: - UY: 20 3/4" - 22 1/2" / 53 - 57cm - UC: 20" - 21 3/4" / 51 - 55cm
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