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Schmidt E6 Headlight
The ideal headlight to team up with the Schmidt Dynamo hub. Available with a 3 watt bulb or a 2.4 watt bulb. Can be set up as a single light or a dual with the E6-Z secondary light added. Does not include mounting brackets, but can be mounted on the handlebar, on a Minoura Space Bracket, or using a ChronoMetro Nob on the fork blade.
Schmidt Edelux
The Edelux is Wilfried Schmidt's new LED headlight. It's compatible with all modern 6 volt hub dynamos. This headlight is almost entirely hand made by Schmidt, with the exception of the wonderful IQ-TEC mirror, which is made by Busch & Müller, and of course the three watt LED itself. Since heat is the big enemy of LED headlights, the LED in the Edelux is mounted on a large and heavy copper heat sink. This keeps the LED cool, and results in a very low operating temperature, and a very bright headlight, the brightest dynamo headlight I have ever seen. Like the E6, it uses a magnetic reed switch for high reliability. The switch has On, Off and Senso positions. On Senso, the light switches itself on or off as conditions require. The standlight remains on for up to four minutes after you stop, depending on how long you've been riding. The Edelux does not have a built in reflector.
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