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Longer Brevets

Longer Brevets


Brevets of 1200 km and longer are held worldwide every year except for Paris-Brest-Paris years. In a PBP year the only longer brevet is PBP. These brevets will normally require completion of a brevet series (200, 300, 400, and 600 km) to meet entry requirements.


1200 km and longer brevets currently scheduled include:

BMB: Boston–Montreal-Boston (USA)

Gold Rush Randonee (USA)

Great Southern Randonee (Australia)

Last Chance 1200K Randonee (USA)

LEL:London-Edinburgh-London (United Kingdom)

PAP: Perth-Albany-Perth (Australia)

PBP: Paris-Brest-Paris (France)

Rocky Mountain 1200 (Canada)


Other Regional Brevets and Rides


Visit our calendar of regional events and rides. Other brevet series in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions include; Boston Brevet Series, New Jersey Brevet Series, Central New York Brevet series, and Washington DC.


A complete national schedule is available on the Randonneurs USA web site.