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Zombie Attack

Escape Zombie Attacks

The folks at New Horizon Bikes in Westfield, MA encourage you to read the Center For Disease Control guide for surviving a Zombie Attack ( and other disasters. While an excellent survival guide the CDC failed to mention the importance of your bicycle in escaping a Zombie Attack and New Horizons would like to add  some additional tips..
It is a well known fact that in a Zombie Attack mass transit systems fail, highways become clogged with abandoned cars, and gas is unavailable. In situations like this your bicycle is the most reliable means of transportation, enabling you to locate a zombie-free refugee center.


Mary MacAdam, resident Zombie Expert at New Horizons Bikes, 55 Franklin St., Westfield MA, says” It’s important to keep your bike prepared. Get an annual tune-up  and practice riding to be ready for Zombie escape at any time. In addition to your bike there are some important accessories to have on hand, such as
  1. A home floor pump like the Lezyne Classic Floor Drive for tire inflation
  2. Finish Line Chain lube to keep your gears and chain running smooth in all kinds of weather
  3. A headlight and taillight like the Lezyne LED combo in case a Zombie Attack occurs at night
  4. .
  5. A rear cargo rack and bag like the Topeak MTX Beam Rack and Trunk Bag to carry supplies.
  6. A bicycle helmet like a Kali Protectives for head protection just in case you run into a zombie.
  7. CaffeLatex Tire Sealant to escape flat free” 
 Mary also  recommends getting out and riding on a regular basis to prepare yourself for a Zombie attack escape. “ Bicycling frequently is an ideal way to get fit and be able to outrun zombies.”  Don also suggest a few items for family escape, such as a Thule Child Trailer to escape with the kids and if your significant other is not as cycling fit as you an Electra Townie GO E-Bike will get both of you out of zombie danger.
 We welcome you to visit and attend New Horizons' regular evening and weekend bike rides where Zombie escape tactics are discussed and practiced. Additional information is available by calling 413-562-5237