Bicycle Blue Book



TRADE YOUR BIKE IN NOW!! We are the exclusive partner retailer in the Pioneer Valley  for BicycleBlueBook. Now is the time to upgrade your road bike to the newest features and technology. Mountain bikers, ditch the 26” wheels and experience the fun and performance of big wheels. Upgrade from aluminum to carbon. Whatever you might be dreaming of now, this program will hopefully allow those dreams to come true.

Ready to get started?

Below is a tool to help you estimate the value of your current bike. Before you get started, your bike must fit within this criteria:

  • Bike must be from model year 2005 or later
  • It must be an adult bike
  • Original retail value of $500 or more

If you were able to say yes, yes and yes, then continue to the drop down menu below and see roughly what we can give you for your bike TODAY.

Please Note: Due to changes in popularity, 26" wheeled bike trade in values will be about 20% less than the price shown below.

Not too shabby? What do you do next?

Like a car dealership, we will need to see the bike in person to give it a proper inpsection. Any necessary repairs will be figured in to the final trade in value. We recommend giving the bike a bath before bringing it in. Please do not power wash it at the car wash. This can damage the bike. A little lube on the chain afterwards would be super.

If this trade value is acceptable, we complete some quick paper work, create a New Horizons Bikes account with those funds and you can start shopping now! Yes, you will have the funds in hand to use against your bike purchase TODAY.

But wait...there's more.

If you are looking for a new bike, we encourage you to take advantage of our  Demo Bike Program. It is the best way to insure the bike you are considering is the best bike for you. Take it to your local trails and put it through your own test. It's a big decision and your own personal evealuation is priceless. To see what bikes we have for you to demo, click the button below.


For any questions not answered within our site, please give us a call.